Our pack participates in several special events throughout the scouting year. These fun events are highlights of our program year.


This racing event is a time-honored tradition in Cub Scouting and one of the most exciting events of the year for our scouts. With help from their families, each scout creates a downhill race vehicle out of a simple block of pine (hence the name). Originality and creativity are highly encouraged in this event. The winners of our pack derby get to go on to the District Pinewood Derby to represent our pack and race against other scouts from other packs throughout our local area.

Our pack also has a racing division (known as the “Master’s Tournament”) specifically for adults and other non-scouts to create their own cars and race for a unique and highly sought-after trophy.


Once each year (usually in mid-January) we take our scouts on a journey to Aubrey Lodge (on Mt. Hood) for a day of sliding down snow-covered hills on inner-tubes. Piles of powdery snow are often made into snow-forts, and scouts usually return completely exhausted.


Every year in February we gather to celebrate both the birth of scouting here in the United States and the beginning of the Cub Scouting program. Blue and Gold is a celebration of scouting and a birthday party all in one evening. Good food and great fun are the hallmarks of this event.


We encourage all of our scouts to attend summer camp each year. For younger scouts, a day camp experience is usually most appropriate. For older scouts a resident (overnight) camp is a whole lot of fun. All scouts will have the opportunity to experience a variety of activities at summer camp, including archery, BB guns, crafts, games, and much more.


We participate in an annual nation-wide program in which scouts help to feed local families in need. Scouting for Food (in our area) typically occurs on the first Saturday of December. This is one of the ways that we (as a community-service organization) do our best to help our community.
Community Service and Conservation Projects
Our scouts give back to our community throughout the year. Together with parents, friends and families, our scouts work to help improve our community, improve our local environment, and spread goodwill.