The adventure-based Edge Method provides a “learning through doing” approach that teaches boys how to make choices and have adventures on their own.

In Cub Scouting, adults use the Teaching EDGE to help Cub Scouts learn something new.

Teaching EDGE

Don’t forget that we’re leading by example. Just like anything in Scouts, you need to keep it simple, make it fun, and teach by doing.

  • Explain how it is done.
  • Demonstrate the steps.
  • Guide the learners as they practice.
  • Enable them to succeed on their own.

The first step is to EXPLAIN. The leader will carefully explain the skill and how every step, taking into account that the learner may be learning for the first time. Proceed slowly and deliberately, using descriptive language.

DEMONSTRATE the skill after explaining what it is. Break down each step and go through the process slowly so that they understand how it’s done. After explaining this, have your Scout ask any questions they have and then let them give it a try.

Now GUIDE your Scouts how to. EXPLAIN tell the Scout how to fix it, or start again from the beginning. Keep at it, and be careful not to lose patience. Remember how you were when you were learning!

ENABLE, the last thing the teacher does which is key is to offer the learner encouragement. When people are offered encouragement, they are given an understanding that they can succeed on their own – and sometimes have done so before when they had previously tried to learn something similar!

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