Cub Scout Pack 685 Beaverton Oregon. Our Cub Scouts have roots in several Elementary Schools around the Beaverton area. Our pack is a great place to get involved with Scouting and make new friends.

Cub Scouting is all about right now.

Cub Scouting provides youth with a foundation that they can use to overcome obstacles and make new discoveries. What makes Cub Scouting truly unique is the opportunity it gives the entire family to be involved in each child’s development.

The Cub Scout program is a great opportunity for kids to learn new skills and make friends at their own level.

Your child is a member of a Cub Scout den.

Cub Scout Dens are generally eight or fewer youth. They are the same age and/or grade, not necessarily from the same school. A Den meets two to three times a month. One of the Den meetings each month should be a “Go See It” or field trip.

Dens have a den leader. Den leaders share the responsibility of planning den meetings and with den parents. The first two years, lions and tigers, parents rotate the responsibility of planning meetings or collaborate on each den meeting.

Council and National offer a variety of online and in-person training opportunities. Training consists of in-person, online, and hands-on training. Hands-on training can be one day or over a weekend camp.

Your child is a member of Pack 685 Beaverton, Oregon.

Cub Scout Packs consist of multiple Dens. Dens meets a couple times a month. A Cub Master leads the pack meetings. Each Den has a part in the pack meeting. Pack meetings can have special themes. One could be Pinewood Derby®, Blue & Gold banquet, or guest speakers. Other months may be devoted to recognizing the Scouts for the projects they have completed by the presentation of beads, belt loops, activity pins or rank advancements.


What are Den meetings? Great question! Den meetings are critical to the Cub Scout’s success and enjoyment of Cub Scouting. Den meetings allow Scouts to make social connections, have fun, attain advancement, and bond with the pack.

Cub Scout pack 685 Beaverton Oregon den meetings start September and continue through the end of the School year in June.  We meet Tuesdays from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. We are currently on Summer schedule, please check our calendar for events.

Each meeting we have time for open discussion and questions. All Cub Scouts start by earning the Bob Cat rank no matter what age you start Cub Scouting. Bob Cat rank has a ceremony, parents and the Cub Scout share the stage.


What are Parent meetings and are they important? Great question! We combine our parent planning meeting with our committee meeting. This allows us to form sub committees for special events, plan farther out for success, and plan the monthly Pack Meetings with the Den Leaders and Parents.

The first two ranks Lion and Tiger Cubs require more parent involvement and grade second grade (Wolf), third grade (BEAR), fourth grade (Webelo), and fifth grade (Webelo Arrow of Light). This is where you get to volunteer, many outdoor\online training opportunities, plan the yearly activity calendar including volunteer opportunities. You get to be part of the process and make our pack a success!

Our parent planning meetings for Cub Scout Pack 685 Beaverton Oregon are the second Tuesday of the month from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.  These meetings are very important. Everyone in our Organization are a volunteers.  Our meetings are family orientation discussion style.  This is where we create the calendar, outings, upcoming events, and much more.


What is a Pack Meeting? Great question! In Scouting, advancement is the process by which a member meets certain requirements and earns recognition. The Cub Scout advancement program is a blend of activities Scouts do in their homes and activities they do in a den meeting setting. As requirements are completed, Scouts are awarded recognition items to mark their progress. All Scouts joining Cub Scout earn the Bobcat badge rank regardless of age or grade.

After receiving the Bobcat badge, a child works on the requirements based on their grade level.

Pack meetings are for rank advancement, showing off a new skit you learned in Den meetings, a new song you learned in Den meetings, and you even get to show off your talents and adventures you are working on. Each Den has an assignment for each month. Responsibilities change monthly, every Den has multiple opportunities to try on new hats all year.

Den’s work together to learn new skits, songs, jokes, run-on’s, and stand up and talk in front of a group of friends, peers, and family. A Scout is BRAVE.

See our Pack Calendar for the next Pack Meeting.


  • SKIT(S) – BEARS DEN 4 & 13
  • SONG(S) – LIONS DEN 1 & 7
  • RUN-ON / JOKES – WOLF DEN 2 & 9